Urban development in Africa: the new smart cities

Jul 2, 2022

Economic forecasts paint a picture of a continent in whirlwind transformation, with many countries enjoying a high growth rate and where new investment spaces are opening up also for Italian companies that operate in the sectors of real estate and furniture production. The phenomenon of urbanization is accompanied by the conception of numerous innovative megaprojects, real smart cities with a highly innovative urban design that are emerging rapidly or are planned in the coming years. Here are some examples


In Lagos, one of two examples, near Victoria Island, the Eko Atlantic City peninsula will host 150,000 residents, numerous business facilities and the largest shopping center in West Africa and is a candidate to become the financial center of sub-Saharan Africa. Nasco Town with its 100,000 inhabitants will host hotels, shopping centers, schools, elegant residential buildings, a technological center and much more. In Egypt, the largest urban project is concentrated 50 kilometers from Cairo where the new administrative capital is now being built, a smart city that will house the new Parliament building and where, according to its designers, six million inhabitants will live in the future, thus responding to the strong urban growth that is affecting the Egyptian capital.

New development opportunities also underway in Kigali, Rwanda: the city was among the 15 winners of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Mayor Challenge and was awarded a million dollar grant for its innovative and technological rainwater collection system: an intervention that aims to improve the quality of life of the city’s residents.

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