Smart Energy & Building Forum: the appointment with the future of smart cities is back

Sep 16, 2021

After the success of the first two focuses of 2021 on Smart Mobility and Smart Government, City Vision is ready to return, the event organized by Fiera di Padova and Blum that tells the present and the future of smart cities. The third appointment is Smart Energy & Building Forum, which will be held in OnLife mode Wednesday 29 September starting at 9.00. At the center of the discussion are the objectives and actions to make the urban energy system more sustainable, including the new ideas of innovative startups, the projects of large companies and international best practices.

The morning’s program will be inaugurated, after the introductory speech, by the story of an international best practice, a trip to a smart district, a green and intelligent neighbourhood that will be the core of the city of the future. From photovoltaics to wind power, from heat pumps to energy recovered from waste: technologies to efficiently produce, distribute, use and reuse energy in urban areas, and to design smart buildings, will be at the center of the first panel. A focus input will then take stock of the opportunities of the Super-eco-bonus contribution in Italy, a key measure for the development of the country one year after its entry into force.

At the center of the second panel will be the new ways to experience smart buildings, including graffiti that offer 5G connectivity, technologies to sanitize buildings, condominium apps, new forms of living. Companies and public decision makers will then discuss the best practices for the integrated construction of intelligent urban systems implemented by Italian municipalities and multi-utilities.

City Vision is organized by Fiera di Padova and Blum. Business as a medium with the support of Enel X, HTI, NTS Italy, PwC and Sasa, the partnership of IoTItaly, The Smart City Association, Motus-E, Venicepromex and with the patronage of Anci, Regione del Veneto, Agenda Digitale del Veneto , Province of Padua, Municipality of Padua, Municipality of L’Aquila, City of Palermo, Chamber of Commerce of Padua and University of Padua.

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