Technical Services

Here you can consult the General Regulations of Fiera di Padova.

Consult the General Regulations

By participating in one of the events of Padova Hall, you unconditionally accept all these rules and regulations and the subsequent integrations issued by Padova Hall Spa.

For information or technical requirements, information on stand construction or dismantling, approval of special stands or stands with non-standard dimensions and requests for accreditation of your stand constructors’ vehicles, contact the Technical office:

Technical office

Technical services, construction projects, build-up, loading and unloading of goods, suppliers, surveillance and cleaning of stands.

Tel.: +39 049 840599

Front office “Sala Servizi”

During build-up, exhibition days and break-down.

Tel.: +39 049 840568

Health and Safety

Self-certifications, fittings, fire prevention, declarations of conformity for electrical systems.