Pavilion 7


A large exhibition area and a modern press room

A long span structure equipped with every comfort from wi-fi to adjustable black out blinds to reduce the amount of sunlight. Pavilion 7 is a large contemporary exhibition space, which is flanked by conference rooms and a modern press room equipped with a reception, with connected PC stations, dedicated offices and a small meeting room: the ideal space to welcome journalists and national and international journalists.

Technical specifications:

Net commercial surface area

> 10,000 sq m

Net exhibition area

> 4,400 sq m

No. of stands

> 256 x 16 sq m + 30 x 12,25 sq m

Exhibition modules

> 252 at 16 mq. (4 x 4) + 30 at 12,25 mq. (3,5 x 3,5)


> 12 m  – useful height 11 m