New Conference Center

An architectural masterpiece designed by Kengo Kuma

The New Conference Center of Padua is currently under construction and is located in the north sector of the Fiera di Padova. This structure was “designed” by the well-known Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and will be able to accommodate a total of 3,500 people. An ambitious project, strongly desired by city institutions, the Conference Center is an integral part of a broader project to make Fiera di Padova a “driving force” of innovation, a reference point for the city but also an attractive location for hosting national and international events.

Technical specifications:

Operating start year

> 2021

Net surface area

> 3,000 sq m

Combined capacity

> 3,500 seats

Capacity of the Giotto room

> 1,600 seats

Capacity of the Mantegna room

> 1,090 seats

No. of auxiliary rooms

> 5

Capacity of auxiliary rooms

> from 16 to 150 seats

Combined capacity of auxiliary rooms

> 750 seats

A layered experience

The project represents a concrete example of layered architecture, combining the Japanese “spatial layering” technique, which consists of overlapping elements with different levels of permeability, whilst maintaining the Paduan tradition of intermediate spaces. The two founding nuclei of the project, the Amphitheater and the Great Hall, are incorporated into a sequence of spaces that mediate their relationship with the outside. The large top windows will give the central gallery a unique lighting effect.

A design that “recalls” the uniqueness of Padua

The center of Padua is characterized by a long and evocative sequence of elegant arcades, the design of the New Conference Center replicates this uniqueness and – with its external arcades – recreates a spatiality similar to that of the historic city. As the arcades of Padua mediate between the streets, houses and shops, the large façade partitions of the Conference Center dominate the initial approach to the building and accentuate its depth, leading through the main foyer and stretching over to the large square adjacent to the Fair District.

A flexible use of space

In traditional Japanese architecture, space represents a flexible element that can be shaped as needs vary. Inspired by this philosophy, the New Conference Center is conceived as a container capable of flexibly accommodating a wide variety of functions, transforming its internal areas according to the characteristics of each event.

The Conference Center will host two main meeting rooms:

The Giotto Room.

Surface are: 1,050 sq m
Height: 16 m
Seats: 1,600

The Mantegna Room.

Surface: 800 sq m
Height: 6 m
Seats: 1,090