City vision, more than 24 thousand views, nine hours of live streaming and a thousand subscribers to the digital community to design smart cities together

Dec 3, 2020

More than 24 thousand views on social channels, almost a thousand subscribers to the digital platform and nine hours of live streaming for a one-day event which achieved the goal for its first edition. City Vision, an onlife event conceived and organized by Fiera di Padova and Blum which took place on Tuesday December 2 and was held on a digital platform capable of hosting conferences, virtual stands and one-to-one meetings. It was a day of visions and testimonies in which space was given to the best of Italian and European innovation systems and in which the foundations were laid to build the cities of the future with sustainable technologies, smart mobility, digital architecture and citizens connected with user-friendly administrations. A success, that of City Vision, which makes it possible to launch the second edition in 2021.

“In one of the most complicated periods ever for our cities, Fiera di Padova has reached its goal: to give life to an event based on a hybrid model which condenses physical and digital elements within the same format” comments the general manager of Fiera di Padova Luca Veronesi. “The success of the first edition of City Vision, between social views and subscriptions to our platform certainly opens up opportunities for the future and new growth prospects on a path that has now been traced”.

“During its first edition, City Vision managed to connect best practices at local, national and European level in a virtual environment that has already given birth, a few hours after its conclusion, to new collaborations between companies, organizations and professionals” explains Luca Barbieri, co-founder of Blum and scientific coordinator of City Vision. “We are already at work on an articulated program that in 2021 will deepen the vertical themes of the intelligent city: smart mobility; digital infrastructures; green tech; smart Pa and open data. The fulcrum of this program will be the digital fair platform and a series of events that will touch different territories and address different thematic centers”.

The city of the future in streaming

Scenarios, best practices and visions. Wednesday 2 December, live from the studio set up at the Padua Fair, was a real day of immersion in the future with guests and testimonies that have shaped the city of tomorrow. To open the long day of streaming Alberto Mattiello, futurist and creative director of The Placemakers, the largest manufacturing group of Urban Design in which he carries out research and design activities for the creation of public spaces that improve interpersonal connections, well-being and citizen involvement. In connection from Riga, Mattiello illustrated the concept of «Double Acceleration», the double boost given to urban systems by digital innovation and the pandemic. Then there came an overview of European intelligent cities which was given by Dana Eleftheriadou, head of the team for advanced technologies of the European Commission, with the speech “Intelligent Cities Challenge: Driving a green, digital and inclusive recovery” which was followed by a comparison between European experiences of intelligent mobility, with the testimonies, among others, of the administrations of Amsterdam and Barcelona and with the interventions of Tommaso Gecchelin, Founder of Next, Antonio Guadagnino, CEO Paradigma, Isabella Longo, director of Barcelona Urban Innovation Center, Adriana Nepote, Councilor with responsibility for Smart Cities Municipality of Mantua, Paolo Pandolfo, Director of Real Estate and Logistics Interporto Padova, Carlo Pasqualetto, Delegate for Innovation Municipality of Padua, Piero Pelizzaro, Director of Resilient Cities of the Municipality of Milan, Michele Pianetta, Vice President ANCI Piemonte and Giorgio Pilotti, Sales Director Italy Leitner. Then focus on the Veneto model with “From the smart city to the smart region”: a conversation with Francesco Calzavara, Councilor for the Digital Agenda of the Veneto Region.

Three vertical sessions followed: the first “Digital architectures for the intelligent city”, with speeches by Leonardo Domanico, TTS Italia, Fabrizio Dughiero, president of SMACT Competence Center, Paolo Ghezzi, general manager InfoCamere, Susanna Jean, TIM IOT & 5G marketing, Roberto Maggio, IOT Italy and Ugo Padulosi, director of Engineering Intelligent Sensors Eurotech, followed by “Building the future: bonus & tech to build intelligent cities”, with the participation of Bruno Barel, founder partner BM&A law firm, Adriano Bisello, Senior Researcher Eurac Research, Massimo Cavazzana, President of the Environment and Territory Council of ANCI Veneto, Massimo La Rosa, Head of Unicredit North East Retail Business and Andrea Zanella, University of Padua and SMACT: an in-depth study on post-Covid bonuses and concessions and the best technologies of living for an intelligent transformation of our cities. The morning session closed with the “Innovation vs Covid” panel, which showed technologies and new digital solutions that help manage the crisis, with Alex Buzzetti, co-founder Blimp, Mina Bustreo, marketing & sales manager Jonix, Enzo Catenacci, founder Raybotics, Gaetano Lapenta, general manager of FBP – Future is a Better Place, David Miglioranza, business administration manager No-Q and Marco Ruocco, director of Isinnova.

In the afternoon, starting at 2.30 pm, the focus shifted to Public Administrations with a talk show that evaluated the methods of simplification and innovation of PAs to improve the lives of its citizen, with Walter Cerdini, founder of Round T-Block, Paolo Fiorenzani, project manager Digital Agenda and InfoCamere innovation, Antonino Mola, ICT Strategies and Digital Agenda for the Veneto Region, Elena Pasquali, Ecosteer and Catia Ventura, head of the CNA Padova Digital Enterprise Point. This was followed by “Open data and city government”, which discussed how to collect, organize, manage and process data to build more sustainable cities with the participation of Idelfo Borgo, Director of the ICT Directorate and Digital Agenda of the Veneto Region, Roberto Sandrini, PM Odeon and DEAS, Andrea Galeota, Chamber of Commerce of Venice and Padua, Gianluigi Cogo, PM Open Innovation Veneto Region, Angela Appendino, CSI Piemonte and Luca De Pietro, Director of the UO ICT Strategies and Digital Agenda. Then a discussion table between the Municipality of Padua, professional associations and economic categories on the future of the city with the theme “Padua 2030: building the city of knowledge”. At the end of the event “The innovate (and intelligent) country”, a dialogue on the decalogue to reinvent Italy written by Alfonso Fuggetta, director of Cefriel and author of the book “The innovating country” and Barbara Sala, CEO of Delcon, Pmi innovative company in Bergamo which, with its innovation laboratory, develops medical devices in collaboration with companies and institutions from all over the world.

Organizers, patrons and sponsors

City Vision was organized by Fiera di Padova and Blum with the collaboration of Promex and the patronage of Anci, IoTItaly, Tts Italia, Smact, the Municipality of Padua, the Province of Padua, the Chamber of Commerce of Padua and the University of Padua. UniCredit, Leitner Ropeways and Interporto di Padova were sponsors of the event.