Nov 2, 2021

This year, we were able to put 2020 behind us and go back to our high pre-COVID “numbers”. And by numbers we mean attendees and sales, which exceeded every possible expectation and proved that the vintage car industry is thriving.

2021 was a great success for Auto e Moto d’Epoca, the Padua-based fair which came to a close on Sunday 24th October. Four days, 115,000 square metres of exhibition space, 1,600 exhibitors, four exhibitions and over 5,000 cars − dizzying numbers, even for the visitors who flocked to the eleven pavilions with great interest and curiosity. Luckily this year, many visitors and exhibitors from foreign countries were also in attendance, in addition to 800 accredited journalists from all over the world. We counted 32 countries in attendance at the fair, which has been the single biggest industry event in Europe in 2021. Sales exceeded every expectation and we are all extremely satisfied with the results.

The 38th edition of Auto e Moto d’Epoca in Padua came to a close today. This event has been the single most important industry exhibition in Europe in 2021. AME reaffirms itself at a key global event, boasting numbers which rivalled the success of the pre-COVID editions. Four days, 115,000 square metres of exhibition space, 11 pavilions, 1,600 exhibitors, four exhibitions and over 5,000 cars. Visitors came from all over the world and literally took over the indoor and outdoor spaces of the Fair. The Padua-based car fair reaffirms itself as an extremely important event for the city of Padua and for Italy in general, also because of the linked industries it supports.

The attendees were enthusiastic and the exhibitors described the event as unparalleled in terms of liveliness, selection, and quality. “This is the best fair of the last ten years“, says Mario Carlo Baccaglini, organiser of Auto e Moto d’Epoca. “Passion prevailed. Today, we can really say that Auto e Moto d’Epoca is an international reference point for all vintage car sectors, exhibitors, traders, collectors, and enthusiasts in Italy and around the world. A special thanks goes out to the team who worked hard for months on end to make all of this possible and to the many partners who accompanied us along the way.”

According to exhibitors, this fair was put together with determination and grit, an event which, over the years, has been able to grow and reinvent itself reflecting the trends and expectations of its diverse audience. “Even prior to the pandemic, a generational shift was occurring in the historic car industry; COVID-19 simply accelerated it“, says Daniele Turrisi, exhibitor of vintage cars and sports cars. The rejuvenation of this sector inevitably impacted on the selection of cars first exhibited and then sold. “The beauty of Auto e Moto d’Epoca is the range of models on show: you’ll find everything here, exhibited in a well-crafted manner in order to create intelligent combinations“. Sports cars sit next to vintage cars, young-timers next to contemporary vehicles at this forward-thinking fair, which forecasted the interests and preferences of a new generation of enthusiasts.

The fair was a great commercial success, with hundreds of models available, and it exceeded the expectations of every operator and professional in the field. This industry has manifested the strong desire to start again, with passion, fervour and engagement. Many industry professionals, including foreign nationals, attended on Thursday and Friday, and many deals were struck up. “Enthusiasts have rediscovered the joy of buying, exchanging and trading. The sales success has confirmed the trend recorded in the early post COVID-19 lockdown, that is to say excitement and dynamism” says Patrizio Zaccarelli, Marketing Manager of Ruote da Sogno, the prestigious international classic car dealership.

The commercial side of things is not the only driving force in Padua. “Something happens During Auto e Moto d’Epoca that doesn’t occur in other industry events“, says Iris Stippler for Scartapatti. “In addition to professionals and collectors, young people and families with children come to Padua.  This success goes beyond the sales of prestigious models. We are also interested in promoting tradition and culture which convey the value of beauty and history. This event allows everyone to come into contact with works of art and physically connect with the vintage cars on show”.

Many local authorities visited the fair and have stressed the importance of this event inaugurated on 22nd October in the presence of Luca Zaia, President of the Veneto Region. The wealth that vintage cars and its associated industries generate is extremely high: the post COVID-19 rebirth also starts from here.

The success of this edition measures the attention and passion of Italians towards cars“, states Angelo Sticchi Damiani, president of the Automobile Club d’Italiabut that’s not all: many foreigners who have chosen the Italian vintage car racing fair have highlighted the importance of our country in the global car landscape. The tradition, history, style and constant innovation which have always set us apart need to be defended as much as possible in order to not lose their appeal“.

Auto e Moto d’Epoca 2021 has given everyone a strong and positive sign. Passion and competence always win; the organisers of the fair have proved this and have put on an unmissable performance for visitors. As ASI, we are happy and proud to have played an important part in this with our contribution, the Universo Bertone exhibition, and the many people we welcomed to the ASI Village” says Alberto Scuro, President of the Automotoclub Storico Italiano.

There has also been great interest in the Restomod sector, new artisans and electric cars. Youngtimers − cars manufactured between 1980 and 2000 − continue to excite both young and very-young enthusiasts, attracting a different market to the traditional vintage car industry. One example amongst many is the Delta Integrale, of which several models were present at the fair. It flew off the shelves, so to speak, at much higher prices than its value just a few years ago. Visitors explored the exhibitions spaces day in, day out, checking out the four themed exhibitions, starting from the exhibition LItalia che vince le corse (Italy that wins the races), dedicated to Italian car manufacturers which have impacted on the history of competitions. “The exhibition has been enormously successful, also thanks to the event’s great turnout, which comprised national and international visitors. I believe the visitors appreciated the message we have wanted to bring at a time when things are still tough due to the pandemic. Our message is the idea of Italy being able to overcome crises with creativity, ingenuity, skill, and having the will to succeed” says Mariella Mengozzi, Director of MAUTO, the National Museum of Cars, Turin.    

Passion reigns supreme in Padua. Here, we observe in order to understand, learn and exchange know-how. It is a culture worth celebrating. SEE YOU IN 2022!

Auto e Moto dEpoca | Padua Fair 20/23 October 2022


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